GLP Attorneys Verdicts and Settlements



Blanchard v. King County Housing Authority and Allied Group, Inc.

$7 million policy limit settlement plus an undisclosed seven figure amount from additional defendants.

Bradley v. Sunhealthcare Group

$3.5 million settlement for a 97 year old man who was neglected in a nursing home such that his genitalia fell off. This is one of the largest recoveries for a nursing home abuse case ever in the State of Washington.

Estate of Gadd v. Grigsby et al.

Judgments exceeding $3 million to the husband and estate of a deceased wife/mother who was killed by a fleeing felon.

J.S and M.S. v. Mirikeen Homes and Oso Construction Services

$3 million for two construction workers who were injured when a two story pre-fabricated wall fell on them.

Wise and Davis vs. State Farm and Streich

$2.305 million settlement for a family of three who were injured in a motor vehicle collision. Initially, the insurance company claimed there was only $300,000 in coverage, but was eventually forced to disclose an extra $2 million umbrella. The resolution included all available insurance plus $5000 from the tortfeasor.

Walden v. Pick N Pull and Emerald Services, Inc.

$2.25 million recovery for a man who was involved in an explosion at a scrap yard, sustaining a brain injury to his pituitary gland.

J. A. v. B.O.

$2.1 million for a young girl injured in a single car collision sustaining a severe brain injury.

Chamness v. Harkness Logging & Trucking

$2 million policy limit for a 42 year old logger permanently injured when a co-worker cut a tree that fell and crushed him.

Injured Worker v. General Contractor

$2 million settlement for a worker who was paralyzed while working on a job site.

Estate of Javellana v. Sono Bello

$1.87 million recovery after a 28 year old woman died after liposuction surgery. This case was covered extensively in the media.

R.F. and W.F. v. G.B. and W.M.

$1.8 million for the parents of a young 6 month old who tragically died in a motor vehicle collision.  

Kavran v. EAN Holdings d/b/a Enterprise Rent-a-Car and Ryan

$1.65 million settlement for a 54 year old woman who was rear-ended, causing cervical herniations and the need for a three-level cervical fusion.

Bae v. Lakeside Adult Family Home

$1.5 million settlement for an elderly nursing home resident who was given the wrong medication (morphine), killing her. The nursing home hid their $1M and $500K insurance policies for over four years before finally being forced to pay.

B.H. v. Hallerbach

$1.5 million recovery for a 36 year old husband and father who received serious and permanent left foot, neck and back injuries when his car was hit head on by an oncoming vehicle that negligently crossed the centerline.

L.B. v. K.C. & C.B.

$1.5 million policy limit settlement for woman who suffered burns over 15% of her body.

M. P. v. S.F.

$1.4 million verdict for a husband and wife who were injured in a low-speed collision resulting in both needing surgery.

R.C. v. Aviation Company

$1.3 million recovery for a woman who was badly injured when the small plane she was in crashed due to faulty mechanical work.

Estate of Brathwaite v. DSHS

$1.3 million recovery after DSHS placed an elderly man in an unlicensed adult family home where he was neglected, leading to his death.

In re O.L.

$1.25 million policy limits settlement for a woman who fractured her leg in a head on collision.

Walker v. Swan

$1.25 million settlement for a 26 year old woman who was hit while riding her bicycle, sustaining an ankle fracture. This is one of the largest ankle fracture recoveries ever in the State of Washington.

Taylor v. Laurent and Hummel

$1.1 million policy limit settlement for a bike rider hit in a cross walk in Bellevue, sustaining multiple broken bones in her foot.

C.E. v. Estee Lauder

$1.1 million recovery for a woman who was in a car collision in Colorado, suffering a traumatic brain injury.

M. F. v. Brundage-Bone Concrete, et al.

$1.1 million for a man who was injured on a construction site when a cement hose hit him.

H.S. v. Leenders Drywall

$1.1 million for a woman who suffered multiple leg fractures in a car accident.

R.J. v. Royal and Sunalliance USA

$1.1 million recovery for a Pepsi delivery driver who sustained serious and permanent injuries as a result of a head on automobile collision.

Leebolt vs. F/V Arctic Fury

$1.1 million settlement (with offset) for maritime settlement for a seaman who fell into an open fish hold, injuring his neck, back, wrist, and shoulder, requiring surgery.

S.C. v. L.M.

$1.02 million resolution for a woman who suffered a cervical spine injury in a motor vehicle collision.

Lacrosse v. Roadlink Workforce Solutions

$1 million for an individual who suffered a serious cervical disc injury that required major surgery after a pallet fell on him.

Estate of M.A. v. M.W. and W.I.

$1 million policy limits settlement for the wrongful death of a 38 year old man who had a wife and seven children. For five years, the insurance company refused to pay a cent more than $25,000 (which a former attorney told the wife she should take) because they claimed there was no coverage for an employee. Two months before trial, the insurance company finally tendered the insurance policy limits.

M.W. v. Swan Net USA

$1 million result for a man who was seriously injured, suffering extensive brain damage when he was buried under a massive, heavy fishing net due to the manufacturer’s failure to properly place warnings and instructions on how to properly and safely transport the net.

L.S. v. Norris Homes Inc.

$1 million settlement for a construction worker who was injured on the first day on the job when a large truss beam fell off of the framing because it was not secured before other beams were being placed into the framing causing serious facial fractures and brain trauma.

Aidruss v. AMG Express

$1 million policy limits settlement for a truck driver/passenger whose arm got crushed when the driver took a turn too fast, rolling the truck over onto the passenger side.

In the Matter of B.E.

$1 million settlement for a man injured in a car accident.


$1 million recovered on behalf of an individual who had suffered a traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress disorder after being involved in a rear-end car accident. .

M.L. v.  Northern Waters, Inc. 

$895,000.00 for a man struck as a pedestrian in a crosswalk suffering multiple broken bones and injuries.

Estate of A.D. v. Baugh Industrial Contractors

$887,000 for a man who was killed when investigating a leak in a large underground water pipe.

Estate of M.H. v. McKay

$887,000 recovery to the estate of an 84 year old retired mother and grandmother who was killed when a car she was riding in was negligently struck on the right rear passenger side door.

Leahy vs. State Farm Insurance Company

$886,000 verdict for a woman who was in a car collision which caused dermatomyositis (an autoimmune disease). Defendant State Farm’s offer was zero all the way through trial.

Hawley vs. Alaska Boat Co.

$875,000 settlement for a fisherman who was not given timely medical treatment while fishing in the Behring Sea.

Phillips v. Bush Realty Assoc.

$870,000 verdict by current GLP attorney for a man who slipped on grease in the stairwell of his workplace due to inadequate lighting, requiring surgery to his knee.

In the Matter of P.S.

$800,000 policy limits settlement for a waterskier who was injured when the boat pulled him too close to a dock.

L.M. v. Vail Resorts

$783,000 verdict for a woman who was skiing when she was crashed into by a ski instructor, causing severe knee injuries.

D. C. v. Mobile Products, Inc

$750,000 settlement for a man who was injured when the street sweeper he was operating lost power on a hill and crashed, causing him to suffer a brain injury and injuries to his neck requiring surgery. GLP sued the manufacturer of the machine, claiming that it was improperly designed.

Paige v. Olberg

$700,000 settlement for woman injured in a low-speed motor-vehicle collision, whose injuries required a cervical fusion surgery.

Ward vs. EHW

$700,000 recovery for a pile driver/seaman who was injured while lifting a generator with his supervisor.

O.D. v. A.G.

$680,000 for a man who crashed his semi truck into another truck, sustaining a knee injury that required a reconstructive surgery.

R.M. v. K.M

$618,000 recovery for a 65 year old man who suffered a spinal cord injury in a rear end collision, which forced him into retirement.

Hogue v. City of New York

$613,000 verdict by a current attorney to a worker who fell through unsafe stairs at his workplace, requiring surgery to his knee.

L.H. v. Estate of J.E.

$600,000 recovery for a 24 year old woman who sustained a jaw fracture and psychological injuries when the car she was riding crossed the center line and crashed into another car, causing the death of one driver and severe injuries to the other driver.

C.D. v. R.A.

$575,000 for an airline mechanic injured on the job, leading to a cervical fusion.

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