Trident Seafoods Presents Outrageous COVID-19 Numbers with Only One Medical Professional on Ground

The Trident Seafoods plant in Alaska is being slammed for allowing COVID-19 to spread rampantly through its facility of over 700 workers with only one registered nurse to provide medical care. The numbers as of February 3, 2021 showed that 307 of 706 tested positive for COVID-19. It was also reported that last month, three employees needed medical evacuation and that just last week one person died at the plant. Even with moving a little over 150 “high risk” employees to an Anchorage hotel, there still appeared to be 206 of 554 workers left at the plant who tested positive.

While Trident has defended their protocols for preventing and dealing with COVID-19 cases, their numbers have simply been unacceptable. Additionally, whether facing a pandemic or not, their decision to allow one medical professional to work alone while serving hundreds of employees at a time is senseless.

Employees are entitled to a safe work environment, and it is the company’s responsibility to ensure these needs are met. GLP Attorneys has worked extensively in both Maritime and Workplace injuries and is ready to get you the help you deserve. If you feel you are working in an unsafe environment, give one of our attorneys a call today.

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