SWAT Team Fatally Shoots 76-Year-Old Man Suffering Diabetic Episode

On April 26, 2015, 76-year-old Albert Hason Jr. was killed when a SWAT team opened fire on him in Fresno, California.

The Kings Country Sheriff’s Office claimed that Hanson was holding a rifle and fired a round in an unknown direction, prompting the SWAT team to return fire – a total of 47 shots, 11 of which reportedly struck Hanson. Hanson’s family, however, say he was suffering a diabetic episode when he was shot and never brandished a weapon.

In March this year, Hanson’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Kings County and three officers involved in the shooting: Deputy Taylor Lopes, Detective Marius Barsteceanu, and Deputy Thomas Olson.

Hanson died on the scene and his family claim police did not make any effort to provide medical assistance after they shot him.

An Initial Scheduling Conference for the Hanson family’s lawsuit is set for June 23, 2016.

To read the entire article, follow this link: http://anonhq.com/swat-team-fatally-shoots-76-year-old-man-suffering-diabetic-episode/

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