Pulse Victims Sue Shooter’s Wife, Employer G4S

Dozens of victims from the Pulse nightclub shooting, along with families of the victims, have filed suit on Wednesday against the shooter’s former employer and wife.  The lawsuit claims that they knew that the shooter was mentally unstable and has threatened with violence prior to the tragedy.  The victims and family members announced in Orlando in a news conference that they were filing the suit.  Each of them expressed anger because people knew the shooter was mentally unstable before that night at the club, yet no immediate actions were taken.  The attorneys expressed their desire for more discussion in preventing terrorist attacks in the future and hope that this lawsuit serves as a platform to do so.

The lawsuit “seeks unspecified compensation for victims and their families, including medical and funeral expenses, loss of support, and possible other awards to be determined later.”  The suit claims that G4S, the security firm that employed the shooter, had previous knowledge of Omar Mateen’s mental instability, yet they decided he “was psychologically sound and fit to carry a firearm on the job as a security agent.” In addition, the mental-health validation that was issued by G4S was reviewed by officials in Florida before he was able to purchase the weapons used in the nightclub.  Also, G4S has falsified mental-health validations in the past and has been fined by Florida for doing so.  The security company listed a name of a psychologist that no longer practiced on more than 1,500 forms over 10 years and was fined over $150,000 by Florida. 

The lawsuit also claims that Mateen’s wife “had prior knowledge of his violent intentions and did not report him to authorities.” His wife was arrested about seven months after the shooting and was charged with aiding and abetting her husband. 

Mateen was interviewed and released twice by the FBI after he made claims relating him to organizations like al-Qaeda and events like the Boston Marathon bombing.  After his release, according to the lawsuit, G4S declined to re-evaluate him, did not require any type of behavioral intervention, and did not suspend his authority to carry a weapon.  “Any of these actions may have resulted in Mateen’s dismissal and/or the revocation of his firearms license.” 

Attorneys reported that they were representing a total of 57 victims or their estates.  The lawsuit holds seven estates of deceased victims.


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Source: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/brinkmann-on-business/os-bz-pulse-g4s-lawsuit-20170322-story.html

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