Portland Cop Hit by Drunk Driver Suing Driver, City, and Bar

On February 27, 2015, Gary Clark of Portland, OR slammed into the patrol car of East Precinct Officer Allison Renander, knocking her unconscious and causing a host of other injuries. 

Renander spent several days in the hospital suffering from “a mild traumatic brain injury and cephlohematoma, a cervical strain, temporomandibular joint disorder with recurring muscle spasms, and post-concussive syndrome.”

Clark, who later pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated, told responding officers that he had “a couple of beers” along with some morphine and Percocet that he had taken earlier that day.

Renander is filing suit against Clark, the city of Portland, and the restaurant for negligence in serving alcohol to Clark who was, at the time, “visibly intoxicated.”

For more on this story, read the following article: http://www.personalinjury.com/news/portland-cop-hit-drunk-driver-suing-city-bar

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