Major discrepancies in surgery record lead to lawsuit

In February of 2015, Katherine O’Donnell tragically died after undergoing minor elective sinus surgery at the North Haven Surgery Center. 

A suit filed by O’Donnell’s family alleges that the center failed to properly respond to O’Donnell’s critically low blood pressure and failed to keep proper records of the procedure, among other things. 

Within minutes of going under general anesthesia, O’Donnell’s blood pressure and oxygen levels plummeted. The elective sinus surgery was allowed to continue, even as cardiopulmonary resuscitation efforts were underway. 

Anesthesia notes say that an ambulance was called at 11:18 a.m., 18 minutes after O’Donnell’s surgery began. But American Medical Response records show that no call was made until 11:30 a.m., reflecting “an approximate 29-minute delay in calling EMS despite a cardiac arrest situation.”

Also in the surgery records are several discrepancies concerning when a Code Blue emergency was initiated, when surgery was formally halted, and when the patient transfer to EMS took place. 

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