Electrocution Accident in Seattle Leaves One Dead and One Injured

On November 7, 2020, KOMO News reported of an electrocution accident in Seattle’s Central District. Two men working as part of a crew repairing the side of a church building were moving an aluminum ladder when a gust of wind pushed it into an electrical wire electrocuting both men, police reported. One of the men died as a result, and the other was critically injured and taken to Harborview Medical Center for treatment.


Accidents like this one are devastating, but can ultimately be prevented. As a construction worker who has been injured in the workplace, there are several protections in place to ensure you are fairly compensated. A workers’ compensation claim can be made through L&I (Labor and Industry), which will ensure medical bills and wage loss are covered promptly. An L&I claim must be made within one year from the date of injury. Additionally, there may also be potential for a third-party claim against the person responsible for the injury, which could result in monetary compensation for the injury and its effect on the victim’s life. In Washington State, there is a three year state of limitations to file a lawsuit from the date of an injury.

Accidents like the one reported by KOMO News require the expertise of a personal injury attorney to determine if there is any fault party responsible for the incident so injured parties or those who lost their lives and their families can be compensated for the losses. It is the responsibility of your employer to ensure that the workplace meets safety requirements as set out by local, state, and federal regulations. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the General Contractor to make sure that the job site is safe for all workers on the site, including the employees of other subcontractors; however, you cannot sue your employer in Washington State as your direct employer has “immunity” from a lawsuit. There may be another entity or individual who is at fault for your injuries, who is not your employer, depending on the facts of your case, which may be sued.

It is important to contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible to look at the details of your specific construction accident. GLP Attorneys has an entire team of experts in our Construction and Workplace Injury practice area group, led by Shareholder Cydney Campbell Webster, who notably has handled construction cases for over 28 years with our firm. 

Our thoughts go out to the families of the workers injured and killed in this accident.

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