Daylight Saving Time Connected to Increased Workplace Injuries

While many Washingtonians look forward to Daylight Saving Time in March each year – a time where we gain an extra hour of light after winter – studies have found that the Mondays after the switch to daylight saving time have an increased number of injuries. Experts believe this may come from turning our clocks forward to lose an hour sleep. In a similar study, no such increase of injuries was found after the switch to standard time later in the year when people gain an hour of sleep.

Daylight saving time is coming up this Sunday on March 14, 2021. As stated in the article, we encourage those in more hazardous fields of work to schedule dangerous activities later in the week to prevent an increase of injuries, particularly those in construction work.

GLP Attorneys has experience working with both construction and workplace injuries. If you or a loved one is injured on the job, reach out to one of our attorneys today.

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