“I would like to express my deep thanks and gratitude for the tremendous support and expertise you offered me.  Thank you so very much!!”

K. M.

“Just a note of thanks to you for all you did to make our trial have such a positive outcome.  Our story was compelling and you provided the framework for the jury to see its merits.  I’m glad we had your guidance.  It was pretty brave of her to even think about telling this story.  We speak so highly of you in this process.  She believes YOU made the results happen.  For that I am grateful… You offer good counsel and I know that from my own experience.”

L. L.

“Although I have had nearly no experience with attorneys and accidents, [GLP Attorneys] has a remarkable team who has taken much stress off of me so that my energies could be spent on healing and rejuvenation. Thank you!”

V. V.

“[GLP Attorneys] represented me in a bad faith claim which involved an uninsured motorist. I had a tremendous challenge in getting my insurance carrier to help despite having uninsured motorist coverage under my personal policy. In addition to being hesitant to help with concrete expenses associated with the accident, my insurance company took over five years to respond to a claim in which I had no fault. [GLP Attorneys] took an incredibly challenging situation and forced my insurer to take responsibility in the matter. Without GLP’s help the matter would never have ended fairly and in my favor.”


“Thanks for all the help on the case, both Jonathan and yourself have been excellent and will highly recommend to friends and family.”


“I am very grateful that this law firm was recommended to me by my Physician.  Cydney Webster took care of everything after a commercial dump truck rear ended me at a stoplight. My only job was to heal. I was very hesitant to get a lawyer thinking the only people who did that just want money. Not true. Everyone is professional and understand the frustration that comes with going through something like this, Cydney and her assistant Marci made it easy to heal and I would highly recommend her.”

J. W.

“Thank you to Sara and Amy for a great job! I am so impressed by the way your team has handled my claim.

I will recommend your firm to anyone who will listen. Please tell me who I can write to to tell him/her how great you have been.

Thank you does not seem enough. You guys are awesome!”


“Hi Jim, just a short note to thank you for bringing this case to me for resolution.  As I mentioned…I think [this] is a very nice settlement you should be proud of.  Best regards and thanks again.” 

Seattle mediator and ex-King County Superior Court Judge

“Was grateful to have been referred to this law firm most recently regarding an auto collision/  insurance policy dispute that ultimately lead to a juried trial.  Jim Gooding acted as the “heavy lifting” attorney, while Amy Miller handled the front end and as well as was very involved in the trial as well.  Together they did an amazing job gathering all necessary information to build my case and then revealing all of its pieces to a jury in a thoughtful way.  Jim was extremely adept at handling the courtroom ups and dows, was quick on his feet, and demonstrated compassion to me on a personal level.  Amy was great at reminding me what not to worry about, and kept me focused on the important parts of the process. The outcome was that we won the case and set a legal precedent.  Highly pleased with GLP and Jim Gooding and Amy Miller!”


“I am very thankful for my attorney, Cydney Webster and her team including Marci McDonald for representing me for my automobile accident claim.  This was my very first time working with a law firm so I had no idea what to expect.  Before, I was overwhelmed with lots of things ie. insurance companies calling to negotiate settlements, ongoing medical bills, and many rehab appts for my personal injuries.  I am so grateful that they helped me out with all of this.  They always kept me informed and explained everything in detail.  With their help, I was able to not worry about all the logistics and just focus on healing.  I was so impressed with the experience I had there that I referred my neighbor to them for her auto accident!   Thanks Cydney and Marci for a wonderful job!  I am eternally grateful.”


“Janelle Carney is a wonderful person and has her clients’ best interests above her own. She always shows compassion and keeps her client(s) involved throughout the process, which is, at times, not pleasant and sometimes painful, but she fights hard for them and will be completely honest during a very difficult time in their lives. She gets to know the person and his/her family personally and gives everything she can to make sure that person is well represented and that the end resolution is one that is best for the individual, putting them above herself.”


“Hi Jim, just a short note to thank you for bringing this case to me for resolution.  As I mentioned, I worried greatly about liability. I think $100,000 is a very nice settlement you should be proud of.  Best regards and thanks again.”

Seattle mediator and ex-King County Superior Court Judge

“Thank you for a great job! I am so impressed by the way your team has handled my claim. I will recommend your firm to anyone who will listen. Thank you does not seem enough. You guys are awesome!”


“To everyone at GLP, especially you who helped with my case, thank you so much!! You accepted me and I felt a personal relationship with you all, which really helped me get through everything I went through and will continue to go through. I will recommend this firm to anyone that may need the help I received from you all. Enjoy this small token of my appreciation.”


“I hired GLP Attorneys to represent me during legal proceedings related to a car accident. Jim became involved with my case when we were forced to go to trial after attempts to settle with an unreasonable defense attorney and insurance company who I was battling. Jim did an excellent job and worked well with Amy Miller, my primary attorney who I was also very pleased with. Trial is intense and many decisions must be made quickly under pressure. It was very comforting having such a hard hitting, skilled, trial lawyer like Jim on my side when it was needed. He worked extremely hard, listened to what I had to say, and maintained a level of compassion throughout the trial that felt very supportive. I had a chance to meet his wife as well and it was clear that both of them are kind hearted souls who sincerely care about justice. The outcome of the trial was very positive, and in fact we were awarded more than what we had originally hoped for. I will forever be grateful to both Jim and Amy.”


“This is one of many thank you’s I’m sure I will be repeating. I just wanted to say, truly, no matter what the outcome of this trial is, you both have been amazing. Just having the support and excellent representation from you has felt very affirming and positive for me. The effort and care you have put into my case has been tremendous and I will never forget it. You are real heroes.”


“There is no way that I could have handled this on my own and it was great to not have to worry about anything except getting better.”


“We would like to thank you for all you are doing in our behalf.  Although this has been a difficult year, we feel encouraged and supported through this time. As we continue in this process we feel we have the best team!  Thank you!”

C.T & M.T

“I want to thank you for your representation throughout this matter and for obtaining a satisfactory settlement.  You have been a pleasure to have as my attorney in this car accident case.  I felt reassured throughout the process knowing I had a very knowledgeable, skilled, and professional attorney representing me.  This peace of mind aided my recovery.  I have also appreciated the professionalism and responsiveness of your staff.  Please know I will always feel comfortable recommending you to others.”


“After I left your office I felt like ‘you’ve got this.’ I haven’t had such a good day since the wreck, (and) today was the first time I finally could get a deep breath. I never realized until today how much stress I have been carrying on my chest! So thank you for the relief.”


“I wanted to express my gratitude for what you have done for me and my future. I’m overly blessed for the money you have won for me in the settlement. That money I want you to know it will be put into good use. I wish nothing but the best for you and your company.”

L. and the K. Family

“I just want to express my gratitude for your exquisite performance, research, and kindness over the last week. I truly felt that I was in good hands, and the outcome is proof of that! The last five years has been quite a journey, at times very dark, but today things feel brighter than ever. Thank you for shining a light on my story, for never wavering from your belief in me, and for “bringing it home”. You, my friend, are the man. Thank you so very much.”


“Just a note of thanks to you for all you did to make my daughter’s trial have such a positive outcome. Her story was compelling and you provided the framework for the jury to see its merits. I’m glad she had your guidance. It was pretty brave of her to even think about telling this story. She speaks so highly of you in this process. For that I am grateful.

Thanks again for your hard work, professionalism and guidance.”


“Thank you for helping me (and others) when they need your help the most.  We will continue to support you and your team and refer people your way when we think you can help them!”


“Your firm’s integrity will not be forgotten and I will ensure that anyone I know needing a lawyer will consider GLP.”


“I have dealt with other law firms before, and this law firm is by far the best and most professional I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. The minute I met the attorney, he demonstrated compassion, [and] sincerity as well as being totally educated in the laws and my rights in Washington state. He did not stop and continued to fight on my behalf for the past few years. He works with a team that is like-minded and is always up-to-date on current events. Without any hesitation I will refer them to my other friends and family if they need any representation.”


“I just wanted to thank you and your team, [you were] outstanding on our case. I continue to recommend your firm when I talk to an injured person.”


“It was great to work with you. I am very pleased the case resolved. And as I mentioned, you did an outstanding job in negotiating. It makes a difference!”

Seattle Mediator

“I am so thankful to have this whole ordeal behind me. I especially want to thank you and your staff for all you did to achieve a successful outcome. You did an outstanding job representing me and I would be most happy to give a glowing recommendation should you ever need one. I especially appreciated your professionalism…always doing what you said you would, explaining things in easy to understand terms, following up and being reassuring along the way when things became overwhelming. It was a difficult four year journey for me and I am grateful for all that you did to get us to the end.”


“Thank you so much for representing my client and helping her resolve (her) claim. It is a pleasure working with you and your team. You all do such a great job.”

S.P., Healthcare Provider

“Thank you for all your hard work with my case. You were always kind and courteous whenever we spoke on the phone and always had time for me. I really appreciated that.”


“I want to thank you again for the fantastic job you did on my case. It really helped us. We bought a car and we are in the process of looking for a modest house to buy. Your hard work and effort in my case is so appreciated. I will certainly pass your name on to anyone needing a personal injury attorney.”

J.M. & T.M.

“I am glad that I do have a lawyer that cares about people like you do. Everyone that is using you is very happy and feels like you put your heart into your job. Thank you for taking care of my friends and family.”


“Thanks for all the good work with the (family).

Glad to hear the case settled.  It is always a breath of fresh air to have an attorney that will push a case to the end and not just settle on the 1st or 2nd offer.  Nothing drives me crazier than when I refer a patient to an attorney and they get 3 phone calls and say it is the “best they can do”.

I’ll be sure to use your services in the future for our patient’s legal needs.”

C., Healthcare Provider

“I just wanted to thank you for your work on this case and getting a higher settlement for me than I could have imagined. I will certainly refer your name, and your paralegal, who is wonderful.

You guys were very professional and calm, and I just really appreciate it. This money is going to go toward my retirement, so it will be a big help for me.”


“I just wanted to tell you that no matter what happens tomorrow, I think you’re a great attorney and even better person.  I admire your calmness when dealing with the defense lawyer at the deposition and the way you handled my claim from the moment I asked for your assistance.  You handled my case timely and in a very professional manner with utmost care and I appreciate that very much.

Be assured I will gladly refer anyone I come across who is in need to your office.  I am very pleased with your kind compassion, knowledge and understanding and I know tomorrow I will be in good hands and that you will do your very best for me. Part of my life was taken from me that night two Novembers ago, yet I know somehow all is not lost for tomorrow I hope to move forward with my life and leave this all behind.”


“I have great admiration and appreciation in regard to you and your legal teams representation following a car accident of Jan. 7, 2011 where I was slammed into while stopped at a traffic light. I am grateful for GLP Attorneys and my chiropractic team who helped restore me physically & emotionally.”


“I would like to say Thank You so much for all your help on my case. I don’t know what I (can) say more than I truly appreciate what you have done for me.”


“I don’t think there are enough ways or times,I can express how much I appreciate you and all the hard work you did for our case. I still have not begun to realize that I finally, finally have resolution. Although, I have been through so much, I have so much to be thankful for. Your diligence, professionalism and thoroughness of perseverance, I will never forget. I had the best – just never knew it until now, especially never having been through anything like this before. I am so grateful to you.”


“Just wanted to send you a very heartfelt “Thank You!” for all the hard work you put into resolving my case. You have gone above and beyond my expectations. When my doctor convinced me I needed a lawyer, I said I wanted an aggressive lawyer that would get the job done. You did just that! It will give me great pleasure to refer you to anyone I know that might find themselves in unfortunate circumstances. You took the stress and worry out of it for me, and I will always be grateful!”


“We had our annual meeting today and we only had compliments about GLP.  I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your dedication and incredible results.”

Referring Attorney

“Thank you for your diligent hard work, patience, and dedication with my case. It truly is my pleasure to recommend potential clients to you!”


“It is very difficult to find the words to express my gratitude for the undying flame of fortitude and professional and amazing thoroughness of you, Janelle, your colleagues and firm.

There are not enough reams of paper that would be able to hold all that I have gone through. Thank you so much for being an unforeseen Angel “in my court”. I am so grateful.”


“We received the check today. Thank you! We are grateful that you represented us. It was such a blessing not having to worry about things – to know you were tending to it all. Thank you does not seem adequate. You continued to work hard on our case even when we were exhausted mentally and physically.

Thank you for being so intentional in discovering all you could about the accident and the impact of the injuries on our lives. Thank you for being consistently compassionate and kind towards us. Thank you for being sympathetic to the strain we were (and still are) living under. If we ever need legal assistance in the future, you can be sure we will be contacting you. You represented us well and we truly appreciated the time we spent with you!

D.C and P.C.

P.S. Curtis, we know you worked hard, too! Thank you!  Very much!” 

“I wanted to thank you for helping me through this last year and a half. It has not been easy, but you helped and encouraged me to get the help I need and continue to grow stronger physically and mentally. Thank you for your kind words and hard work on my case!”


“I want to thank you for all the hard work you did on my wife’s case. We both appreciate the integrity you’ve shown throughout this process.”


“Dear GLP – I have received both packages, with check and with the medical records. With all my heart, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for you being highly professional and compassionate about my case. Thanks to everyone who has taken part in my case. I definitely will recommend your firm to everybody who needs help. It has been a very positive experience to be represented by you.”


“Sure appreciate you. You are not just an outstanding attorney; you are good people.”


“Wanted to be sure I said, “Thank you so much for all your extraordinary efforts in my behalf!” Talk with you soon and I appreciate you and your professional expertise in getting this resolved.”


“Your experience, your knowledge, your intelligence and your preparations won me over and I felt completely safe in your hands.”


“Thank you so much for the excellent job that you have done for my case. I really appreciate your outstanding work and am very happy with the result.”


“Your clients were well served by you and I am sure they greatly appreciate that they will be able to put this matter behind them. I enjoyed your high level of professionalism and look forward to working with you on future cases.”

R.R., Defense Attorney

“Thanks so much for all your help on my case all along the way. I couldn’t have done it without you! Hopefully I won’t need your services again in the future but I will recommend you to anyone I know that gets in a car accident.”


“I want to thank you for all you did for [client]. The outcome was better than we could have expected. She can finally put this behind her and move on. Again, thank you so much for your (and your staff’s) hard work!”

P.H., Healthcare Provider

“Thank you for representing my accident claim for me and doing such a great job. We will pass the word about your excellence at your firm.”


“We just wanted to offer our sincere thanks for all of your help with our case you really have been outstanding, and we would be pleased to provide a strong reference for you and your firm anytime.”

M.S. and T.S.

“This was my first experience working with a lawyer and it was entirely positive. You were very careful, attentive and willing to spend time explaining how personal injury law works. I was really happy to have an advocate like you to deal with the insurance companies (what an eye opener this experience has been).”


“Thanks again for your help and support with my case. You and your team are wonderful. I have enjoyed working with you and the members of your team that have supported me through this. You helped ease the stress of the situation and make this difficult time tolerable. I really appreciate all your effort and hard work in this unique ordeal. It really helped me emotionally to have you there guiding me through. Thank you so very much for your time, care and long suffering with me. You are special and I really appreciate you.”


“Thanks for everything. You guys were awesome!”


“I just wanted to thank you again…It amazes me that there are people out there like you, who just want to help, and I think that shouldn’t go unnoticed. I will refer you to anyone I come across who may need legal help in the future.”


“I wanted to thank you for all your assistance and hard work by you and your team on my behalf. Please convey my appreciation to all who worked on my case.”


“Thank you for all the work you did on my behalf, especially “going the extra mile.” It was great to have you both in my corner!”


“[T]hanks for getting the job done on the claim for my bicycle accident injury…I would certainly recommend your services to others, although I really hope I don’t have cause to.”


“You did a great job of pushing this case and advocating for your client. I think that this case in another attorney’s hands would have been valued a lot less.”

J.B., Defense Paralegal

“I just wanted to take a second to say how much I appreciate you and your team’s hard work you have put in on our cases. [My wife] and I appreciate the assistance you have provided us. It’s been a positive experience through a nasty situation.”


“You all operate with compassion and integrity and that is why I recommend your firm.”


“I praise you for all the honesty, support and kindness you have shown me these last two years. You are a wonderful bunch of people, and your professional integrity is something you can all be very proud of.”


“I just wanted to thank you once again for your fine representation during my litigation. I wanted to express my gratitude for the effort you extended me throughout this long case. Your abilities on my behalf were greatly appreciated. I also wanted to thank you for getting me the maximum payment following the settlement. Thank you for always hearing my concerns and doing your utmost on my behalf. It was a great relief to be so professionally represented during this difficult time.”


“I wanted to thank you again for your fantastic representation. You did a super job and got me exactly what I wanted. I will not hesitate in recommending your services to others.”


“I really appreciate your patience with me in answering all my questions and all the great advice you gave me. Believe me, I will recommend you to anyone I know who needs your type of legal service.”