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The Seattle Times Reports New Findings in Deadly Sinking of Scandies Rose Crab Boat, Leads to Second Look at Safety Rules

New light has been shed on the deadly sinking of the Washington-managed crab boat Scandies Rose from December 31, 2019 that led to a $9 million settlement last year. An inquiry has been initiated by the Coast Guard Marine Board of Investigation, who have interviewed the vessel’s co-owner, the twoContinued »


The Seattle Times Reports Alaska Airlines Ordered to Pay $3.2M After Elderly Woman Died from Escalator Fall

Back in 2017 at Portland International Airport, a 75-year-old woman died from falling down an escalator in her wheelchair. Alaska Airlines has now been ordered to pay $3.2 million to the victim’s family after it was found they requested a gate-to-gate escort for her multiple times, which Alaska failed toContinued »


The Seattle Times Reports Call to Repeal Bicycle Helmet Law in King County Due to Racial Disparities

Seattle organizations as well as individuals are calling for action against the King County law requiring bicyclists to wear helmets, saying that disproportionate enforcement plays a big role in the issue, especially when it comes to Black, Native, and homeless riders. A main argument is the price of helmets, whichContinued »


The Seattle Times Reports of Marysville Nursing Home Citation for Poor Conditions During COVID-19 Outbreak

On February 9, 2021, The Seattle Times reported how a nursing assistant in her sixties died after catching COVID-19 at Marysville Care Center, a nursing home known for its history of being short-staffed. Just last month, around the same time as a virus outbreak killed 18 residents, a 339-page inspectionContinued »


Trident Seafoods Presents Outrageous COVID-19 Numbers with Only One Medical Professional on Ground

The Trident Seafoods plant in Alaska is being slammed for allowing COVID-19 to spread rampantly through its facility of over 700 workers with only one registered nurse to provide medical care. The numbers as of February 3, 2021 showed that 307 of 706 tested positive for COVID-19. It was alsoContinued »


KUOW Public Radio Reports that Seattle Traffic Deaths Haven’t Slowed Even with Fewer Cars on the Road

New data from 2020 has shown that in Seattle traffic deaths have remained steady despite being in a pandemic with fewer cars on the road. Seattle Times Traffic Lab Reporter Michelle Baruchman reported that 24 people died as a result of accidents on the road, most of which included pedestrians,Continued »


New York Nursing Home Deaths Have Been Undercounted by Thousands, Reports AP News

New York data has revealed that nursing home deaths in the state have been inaccurately reported by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration for the last several months. It was confirmed on January 28, 2021 that over 4,000 virus-related deaths were not originally counted due to the fact that New York hasContinued »


What You Need to Know About Trucking Accident Injuries

With truck driving being one of the most dangerous jobs in the country – rated the most deadly by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2018 – it comes as no surprise that collisions involving large trucks often result in severe injuries for other drivers on the road, ifContinued »


How to Open a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Claim After an Automobile Collision

Being involved in an automobile collision can pose immediate financial challenges, which is why Personal Injury Protection (PIP), if available within your automobile insurance policy, can be an important resource. Although this coverage is not mandatory in Washington, hopefully you did purchase the extra coverage as it is broad andContinued »


Electrocution Accident in Seattle Leaves One Dead and One Injured

On November 7, 2020, KOMO News reported of an electrocution accident in Seattle’s Central District. Two men working as part of a crew repairing the side of a church building were moving an aluminum ladder when a gust of wind pushed it into an electrical wire electrocuting both men, policeContinued »

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