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How Climate Change Affects Crabbing in Alaska

Did you know that the carbon dioxide concentration in the earth’s atmosphere was recorded as being 416 parts (per million) as of July 2021? It was the highest it had ever been in the history of humanity when it was recorded then. For those who have been crabbing in Alaska, they’ve noticedContinued »


Fighting Systemic Racism in Insurance Sectors: What Are Your Options?

According to Vox, systemic racism is a real issue in America. In an article that goes quite in-depth, they cover how Black people have less confidence in the police, feel that the federal government is doing less for them, and they also face higher hospitalization rates. If you work in theContinued »


4 Tips to Keep Your Valentine’s Day Fun-Filled And Free of Injury

While Valentine’s Day is meant to be a day where we enjoy time with loved ones, it can come with the possibility of injury if you’re not careful. Here are a few tips to avoid incidents and prevent a Valentine’s Day disaster: Don’t drink and drive. Whether you’re celebrating withContinued »


Tesla Driver Charged in Automobile Collision for Killing Two 2 People While on Autopilot

NPR recently reported of a felony charge for the driver of a Tesla Model S in California, who was operating the vehicle in autopilot back in 2019 when it ran a red light and struck and killed two people in another vehicle. This charge is the first of its kindContinued »


New York Times Reports $53 Million Legal Settlement Won for Families of Veterans Who Died of COVID-19 in New Jersey Nursing Home

In a massive case of nursing home negligence, the State of New Jersey has agreed to pay $53 million to families of 119 veterans, who died from COVID-19 as the virus spread recklessly through two state-run facilities. Menlo Park Veterans Memorial Home in Edison, New Jersey reported 101 resident deathsContinued »


Snowplow Hits and Kills Bellingham Man On Side of Road After Sundown

On Tuesday, January 4, 2022, Whatcom County officials reported that a snowplow hit and killed a man, who was walking on the side of the road around 6:00 p.m. in Bellingham, WA. The man was said to have his back turned to traffic, and while the snowplow driver stopped theContinued »


Aromatherapy Sprays Linked to Rare Tropical Disease and Two Deaths

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned doctors to be on the lookout for a rare tropical disease called melioidosis that has been linked to the use of aromatherapy sprays sold at Walmart stores around the country. The specific brand of spray is called Better Homes &Continued »


Industrial Incident at Seattle Convention Center Construction Site Causes One Death

Q13 News reported on September 20, 2021 that a man was killed in what officials are calling an “industrial accident” at the Seattle Convention Center construction site. Not many details have been released yet, but the incident is being investigated by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I).Continued »


New York Times Report High Rates of Drugging in Nursing Homes Hidden By Phony Diagnoses

In a recent discovery, a New York Times investigation revealed a new ongoing case of nursing home abuse happening across the nation where doctors have used the false diagnosis of schizophrenia to justify inappropriate use of antipsychotic drugs on dementia patients. These diagnoses have been used to heavily sedate residentsContinued »


Back-to-School Safety Tips for Fall 2021

The month of September means back-to-school time for both parents and students of all ages. This is a critical time to think about road safety as traffic increases with school buses and teenagers just learning to drive. Whether you’re an experienced driver or a new one, here are a fewContinued »