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When Your Insurance Company Fails to Help You or Your Business During the Pandemic

Many businesses have been affected in unimaginable ways because of the COVID-19 pandemic. With forced closures to protect communities, many places have had to lay off employees just to keep from going under completely. It is during hard times like these that you should be able to rely on yourContinued »


Know Your Rights as a Seaman if You are Injured or Fall Sick with COVID-19 While at Sea

Many people, including seamen themselves, may not know that any maritime worker whose job at sea makes up at least 30% of his or her work are protected with federal benefits under the Jones Act. This entitles maritime employees to a safe work environment, and in almost all cases ofContinued »


Protecting Older Adults from Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Nursing home abuse and neglect is a major underreported problem that has only gotten worse since the initial hit of the pandemic. With strict social distancing rules added in place to protect older adults in long-term facilities from loved ones who may carry the virus, this has also made themContinued »


Know What to Do if You’re Injured on Someone’s Property

Injuries that occur on the business or residential property of another person are commonly caused by the property owner’s negligence in regular upkeep or failure to warn. When incidents like this occur, the injured person may have a potential Premises Liability claim against that property owner. Cases like these mayContinued »


Effective October 1, 2020 Cyclists Can Choose to Yield at Stop Signs

New Washington law Substitute Senate Bill 6208 will now permit any person operating a bicycle the ability to yield at most stop signs on the road, with a few exclusions such as stop signs located at railroad crossings or stop signs used by school buses. The new statute will applyContinued »


E-Scooters Coming to Seattle and What That Means For Your Safety

The City of Seattle rarely finds itself behind in the use of progressive technology, but that has changed this month as the city becomes one of the few largest places in the nation to implement the use of e-scooters. Seattle has had its reasons for the late start, mostly centeredContinued »


Construction Workers Face Greater Risk Due to the Coronavirus

Even before the additional threat to safety that came with the current pandemic, construction workers have always faced a more present danger than other occupations, especially those who do not belong to a union.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction work in 2018 accounted for 1 inContinued »


COVID-19 Fears With Start of Seasonal Fishing in Alaska

The Seattle Times has reported that an employee of Seattle-based Trident Seafoods is the first person confirmed to be positive for COVID-19 in Dillingham, Alaska, a Bristol Bay community where there is fear that seasonal fishing industry workers could spread the disease to their region: The National Fisherman reportedContinued »


Third Party Claim Together With an L&I Claim in Washington State

What is a Third Party Claim? A third party claim is an L&I claim and a Personal Injury claim sharing the same facts. When you have both a personal injury claim and an L&I claim, the personal injury claim is called a third party claim. An L&I Claim in WashingtonContinued »


Boating Accidents – Safety Tips To Keep You Safe This Summer

Prevent Boating Accidents with These Safety Tips For many Washington residents, boating season is an exciting time to look forward to as the spring season rolls around. While many people are understandably anxious to get out of their houses and take advantage of the reopening to outdoor recreation – implementedContinued »

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