Summer Driving Safety Tips

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is an excellent resource for summer driving tips, including checklists and videos.  We especially like their trips about sharing the road with motorcycles, bicyclists and pedestrians: Warmer weather attracts many types of roadway users, including motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. While they have the sameContinued »

Washington State Sees Increase in Abuse of Vulnerable Adults

KIRO 7 NEWS reports that abuse of vulnerable adults in Washington is on the rise.  The cite the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, which received over 60,000 reports of “vulnerable adult abandonment, abuse, neglect, financial exploitation and self-neglect” in 2018. That’s up 25 percent over 2017’s 48,000Continued »

#Alarming Rise in Motorcycle Deaths in King County

The Seattle Times reported on June 8, 2019 that the Washington State Patrol (@wastatepatrol) tweeted that day about “#Alarming” three motorcycle collisions in just a few days in King County, where two riders were killed and one critically injured.  The Patrol noted that due to weather, riders in Western WashingtonContinued »

More Electric Scooters = More Reported Injuries and Death

The Seattle Times reported on June 9, 2019 that as more and more electric scooters hit streets across the country, more and more injuries and even death are being reported.  Many of us have started to see more electric bikes and soon will see scooters hitting the streets of SeattleContinued »

When Seattle Sidewalks are a Hazard, Who is to Blame?

How many times have you walked around your Seattle neighborhood and encountered cracked, broken, or uplifted sidewalk sections?  Chances are, most everyone can find such hazards within a mile or less of their home.  Who is responsible to maintain sidewalks and repair damage?  Typically, that responsibility falls on landowners adjacentContinued »

Construction Law: General Contractor Duties & Responsibilities

Washington law holds that a general contractor has a non-delegable duty to assure safety on a job site, and has the ultimate responsibility for job safety and health at the job site. Most construction work projects have a general contractor that hires and supervises specialty subcontractors.  This arises from aContinued »

Running Red Lights in Seattle: Top 8 Bad Intersections

On March 20, 2019, local radio station KUOW ran a report on the top 8 Seattle intersections where drivers frequently run red lights and cause crashes.  It is good to be aware if one of these is in your neighborhood or on your commute route so that you can useContinued »

Amtrak Cascades to Replace 50+ Unsafe Talgo Railcars

The Seattle Times reported today on the ongoing investigation into Amtrak’s growing negligence in the December 18, 2017 crash where rail cars crashed onto I-5 .  The article discusses “blistering comments” by the NTSB that pointed fingers at track owner Sound Transit, Amtrak, the Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) andContinued »

Best and Worst States for Nursing Homes

Forbes published an article in October 2018 that documented the 10 best and 10 worst states for nursing homes (Washington State was not on either list): The Forbes article brings up good things to consider when looking for a place to care for any loved one in need ofContinued »