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Janelle Carney Boston works out of our Spokane and Tri-Cities offices.

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Janelle Carney Boston is the Managing Shareholder for the Spokane and Tri-Cities personal injury attorney offices of GLP Attorneys. Janelle has a background in insurance, and it was this experience that led her to believe that representing plaintiffs was her true passion. She understood the importance of advocating for those who were unable to advocate for themselves. She prides herself on her compassion for her clients and working on every case to the best of her ability, whether large or small in value. Janelle respects each individual’s worth and values cultural diversity. Her compassionate heart helps her serve the diverse public of Eastern Washington with inclusiveness for all members of society, including the LGBTQ community.

Janelle focuses her law practice on all aspects of personal injury law, including wrongful death claims, premises liability, and insurance bad faith law all over Eastern Washington. Janelle is a former chair of the Insurance Law group for Washington State Association for Justice.  Janelle is passionate about insurance bad faith law and doing everything she can to make sure insurance companies do the right thing. She consistently presents on the topic of insurance law throughout the State of Washington.  She has moderated the Insurance Law Seminar on the Insurance Fair Conduct Act and presented on bad faith in both underinsured motorist claims and personal injury protection claims. 

Janelle has been consistently awarded as one of Spokane/Coeur D’Alene’s Top Lawyers from 2014 to present.  She has been awarded the Rising Star Super Lawyers Award for the past nine years, which is awarded to the top 2.5% of attorneys in the State of Washington. She has also been consistently awarded the National Top 100 Trial Lawyers Award, an award for a select few in the United States. Janelle has also been granted membership into the Million Dollar Advocates Form as well as the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, of which fewer than 1% of U.S. Lawyers are members.  In 2020, she was admitted into the Top 100 Registry for Lawyers nationally, which recognizes people of distinction in law. Janelle is also an active member of the American Association for Justice.


“Both Janelle Carney [Boston] and Rayna Girtz far exceeded all expectations throughout my case. I’d highly recommend them.”


“Every step of the way, in a world that I am unfamiliar too, Janelle Carney [Boston] and her entire team of the most professional people I have ever had a pleasure meeting had my back, literally. Thank you. Thank you.” -A.H.


“I used Janelle Carney [Boston] for my personal injury case we just settled the case and I have to say, Janelle is a wonderful attorney, she fights for you and will not settle for less, she is available when you have any questions and her staff is always willing to help you. I highly recommend Janelle for your insurance, wrongful death and personal injury cases. If I ever need an attorney for any of these I will definitely call Janelle Carney [Boston].” -R.R.


“I was in a situation where I thought it was too late to get a lawyer, thankfully I made the call anyway and was greatly surprised GLP could in fact still help me in my particular situation. Very respectful and professional, I always recommend GLP first to anybody who has a personal injury claim.” -O.D.


“I was impressed and am very grateful to have had Janelle Carney [Boston] and her wonderful team going to bat for me and I was treated with respect and kindness, they truly care about their clients welfare.” -L.T.


“Janelle and Dwight worked with me on and accident I was involved in and they both made sure I was alright the entire time battling the insurance company’s, they achieved a fair settlement for me and we’re very nice to work with even know at times I wasn’t, I really appreciate their patience in resolving my issue I would use them again in a heartbeat, and recommend them to any one of my friends!!!!” -C.R.


“Janelle Carney [Boston] and her team are empathetic, thoughtful, focused, professional, and very knowledgeable. Everyone was very helpful and provided professional guidance.” -L.G.


“We loved working with Janelle and her team! She continued to keep me updated when I had questions about my case. Highly recommend Janelle Carney [Boston] at GLP attorneys.” -H.R.


“It was a great experience with Janelle and her team. If I had any questions or concerns they were always there for me. I would not just recommend them to a friend, I would recommend them to my family. The other thing I really liked about what they did for me was they would always check in on me to see how I was doing and give me any up-dates they had. I feel they worked very hard for a wonderful out come. Thank you so very much.” -B.P.


“The SPOKANE office is Excellent!! They definitely listen to what you have to say and help you get what you need!” -M.A.


“Janelle at GLP is only lawyer you need and want! She will fight for you and she will get you the settlement that you deserve. I would recommend her to anyone who has been injured with lots of medical bills.” -H.P.


“Janelle at GLP Attorney’s and the whole group that worked for me on my case were a God send. They stayed on top of everything and communicated with me about all that was going on. And they worked hard to bring about the best outcome for me. I would highly recommend them. I have also recommended them already to friends that were looking for a trustworthy attorney. Thank you all again” -R.R.


“Hello, My experience with Janelle Carney [Boston] was excellent! She was always available when I had any questions or concerns and always gave me an honest answer. She also would contact me with updates and listen to my thoughts about them. I would hire her again if there should ever be an occasion where I needed a personal injury attorney. Thank you Janelle for all you and the your group did for me!” -L.S.


“Janelle Carney [Boston] was my attorney and she was fantastic! Her and her office were always available to answer any questions I had.” -B.R.


“I was in a car accident in 2016. i was hurt badly with a brain injury. due to that brain injury i no longer can drive other that about 10 minutes and have other issues also. Janelle and her staff where always friendly, professional and helpful. they did all the lawyer duties which confused me and helped me to get through the first couple of years that were very difficult because my thinking is not the same as before the accident. it was not just that they are all very competent but also you can see that they care about helping you not just getting you money. i would go to them again. i recommend them all the time to friends and family.” -C.K.


“I had the pleasure of being represented by Janelle for an automobile accident that really hurt me not only physically but emotionally as well. I was referred to her through the Super Lawyers website completely by chance because I was supposed to be represented by a different attorney. I could not have asked for a better “chance” to be represented. Janelle is the only attorney that I will ever refer someone to, that is need of someone to represent them in this type of matter. Janelle and Gina (her assistant) got to know not only me and my case, but they also got to know my family and how this accident affected them as well. I never felt like I was a bottom line or a dollar amount, I always felt like my wellness and healing was the most important issue because it was important to her. She always expected honesty from me, as well as herself, and it was evident in all the conversations we had from the beginning to the end. She went above my expectations and after 5 years, we settled in the second mediation without having to go to court, with a settlement that was just and fair for all of the parties involved. She is a wonderful person and has her clients’ best interests above her own. She always shows compassion and keeps her client(s) involved throughout the process, which is, at times, not pleasant and sometimes painful, but she fights hard for them and will be completely honest during a very difficult time in their lives. She gets to know the person and his/her family personally and gives everything she can to make sure that person is well represented and that the end resolution is one that is best for the individual, putting them above herself. She is very approachable, humble and easy to work alongside. I will always highly recommend her and will always stand up for her and her assistant(s). They deserve any and all praise because of their dedication to the people they represent and also because of their commitment to fight for what they believe is just and fair in, not only their eyes and heart, but also the hearts of the people they dedicate themselves to serving. If there are any awards to be given for a hard-working, dedicated, humble, compassionate, honest attorney, Janelle deserves them all, as do the people that work with her (Gina and others). These individuals are what makes GLP Attorneys Law Office, in my opinion, the only law office to seek representation from.” -G.R.


“I fired my first attorney who I learned after one year that they weren’t experienced in handling PI cases. I was thankful that Janelle was willing to take on my case and knew what she was doing. Janelle was able to get me 100% of the money available in my case. I am pleased that Janelle got the job done and completed it on time.” -J.K.


“Following a devastating slip and fall injury I was told by every lawyer I talked to that it was an impossible case to win especially in our neck of the woods, but Janelle and her team took a look at all the facts and gave us hope that this case could in fact be won. Janelle was encouraging, supportive and incredibly professional during the entire process. She kept us informed and up to date the entire way so we never felt out of the loop. We cannot say enough about how hard Janelle and her team worked for us. She made the impossible, possible and we settled out of court and got our lives back on track. Thank You so much for all you do, we are truly blessed to have had you on our side.” -G.J.


“Following an auto accident, I contacted Attorney Janelle Carney [Boston] for legal advice and action. She graciously explained the law, what I could expect, the process and the amount of time this issue may take. She updated me periodically as she collected the necessary information to make my case. Then she brought the case to a closed with dispatch and to my satisfaction. I have no hesitation in recommending her to friends or family who need such legal services.” -Anonymous


“I was in a car accident and went to Janelle for help in dealing with my personal injury claim. Little did I know how complicated my case would become when we learned the driver who hit me was underinsured and I needed to pursue my own insurance company coverage to meet my needs. Janelle was an absolute professional. She always responded to my calls or e-mails in a very timely manner. She thoroughly researched my case and anticipated the potential roadblocks to reaching a favorable outcome for me. She also did a great job of educating me on the insurance industry and how they operate. Janelle is calm under pressure because she does her homework and comes well prepared. I can’t say enough good [things] about Janelle and her staff. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of an excellent attorney to represent them regarding a personal injury claim or insurance bad faith issue.” -Anonymous


“Janelle treated my family with respect and dignity. She was helpful in explaining options and ensured we understood the risks associated with our case. She responded to questions and concerns in a timely manner. She showed compassion and loyalty in all aspects. She was approachable and made it seem as if we had known her for some time vice just meeting her. Overall, I would recommend Janelle very highly should you need a lawyer.” -Anonymous


“At our first meeting Janelle listened to my concerns and assured me she would always respond to my calls and keep be informed. She more than kept her word. Her advice and attention to details made our 3 year experience a positive one. I would ,without a doubt, recommend her and her staff to my loved ones and friends. Janelle has impacted my life in a powerful [way] by turning my accident from a negative to a positive. She may be young but she is fearless. I would call on her in a heartbeat.” -A.P.


“I was in a car accident a couple of years ago and one of my doctors referred me to Janelle, and boy am I grateful he did. She was amazing through the entire process. She always kept me informed of what was going on, she gave me excellent advice and went above and beyond what I would have expected an attorney to do for me. She never pressured me into doing something I wasn’t comfortable with, and was always very open and honest with me about everything, which I appreciated very, very much. She is a very talented, intelligent attorney and I was so blessed to have met her and had her on my side. There is a reason she was named one of Spokane’s rising stars, she is, and my case proves it! I would tell anyone that if you have the opportunity to work with Janelle do it!” -Anonymous


“I referred a family member to GLP Attorneys after he suffered an injury following a car accident. My loved one felt supported, guided, and confident throughout the process that GLP legal team had their best interests as the first priority. Now the case is settled and my loved one is grateful for GLP’s help. I would not hesitate to work with this team again.” -R.J.


“I want to thank GLP and especially Janelle and Dwight and their assistants. I had broken my leg while on a work assignment out of my home state. Janelle and Dwight were in constant contact with me about my case. I never felt left out of the loop or forgotten. These can take a long time. I would highly recommend this firm to handle my personal injury case. THANK YOU JANELLE and DWIGHT and GLP ATTORNEYS!” -G.Y.


“Janelle and her team are very professional and get results! Yes we recommend them.” -D.D.


“My husband was in two car accidents (almost a year from one another) in which he suffered injuries. The GLP [Attorneys] legal team – Jennifer Bechtold, Janelle Carney [Boston], Kaitlin Roach – kept his best interest during the whole process. I cannot thank their assistants – Ashley Hynek and Jaime Stackpole – and their dedication to ensure we kept informed of all updates. Both cases were settled and my husband is beyond grateful for GLP [Attorney’s] expertise, patience, and compassion. I would recommend GLP Attorneys to anyone that is in need of legal help and would not hesitate to work with them again. I am very grateful for everything GLP [Attorneys] and their staff has done for our family. Words cannot begin to express my gratitude. Thank you!” -T.B.


“The injuries I sustained made for a very difficult first 8 months in recovery. Janelle, Gina and Kaela were very responsive and compassionate about my situation. They helped me along the process and were able to negotiate a very reasonable settlement. Janelle took extra effort to show empathy for my situation and my personal and financial burdens. Janelle and GLP [Attorneys] were recommended to me by my brother and they took care of him and they took care of me. I would highly recommend them without any hesitation.” -P.M.


“I had the pleasure of working with Janelle a few years ago. She exceeded my expectations 100%. Her whole staff was pleasant and friendly each and every time. Janelle gives ‘lawyers’ a great name. I have recommended her over the years several times to friends and will always continue to do so.” -A.P.


“I feel very fortunate to have had Janelle and her team work for my benefit. Count yourself lucky if they are working for you.” -K.N.


“I was rear ended a few years ago and experienced a lot of pain. A friend recommended her attorney who did nothing about my case for over a year. My chiropractor recommended Janelle Carney [Boston]’s firm and I’m so glad they did. They answered all my questions made great suggestions and took me under their wings. Her support staff were all friendly and helpful. She helped me receive more than I dreamed possible. I would definitely recommend her firm to anyone needing a professional caring firm. They give lawyers a GREAT name. Just sorry I had to have an accident to meet these wonderful people.” -A.P.


“Janelle Carney [Boston] and her team helped me with an injury claim. They were always in contact with me and responded immediately if I reached out to them. They recovered twice what I initially thought. [They were] outstanding and continue to follow up on how I am.” -G.Y.


“The team at GLP Attorneys was so helpful I don’t know what we would have done without them. They were professional, thorough, and caring. While helping us we didn’t feel like just a number to them. We especially want to thank Janelle Carney [Boston] and Gina for helping us through a very difficult time.” -S.H.


“When I was in a serious accident, we were given several references by family members. One was for GLP and Janelle Carney [Boston]. We had a phone conference with Janelle and she impressed us when she said her job was to make sure none of the legal stuff was her job and it would not come to nag us. She also told us that our job was for me to recover. We found this to be absolutely true! This was invaluable to us as I recovered from my injuries. It took one major component off our plates and allowed me to focus on healing and following my medical team’s advice.” -Anonymous


“Janelle Carney [Boston] represented me after a car accident where the other driver was at fault, she was unlicensed, uninsured and various other issues. The case was complicated and quite overwhelming; I had been injured in the accident, I had 2 young children at the time and a small business and could not manage the situation on my own. Janelle supported me every step of the way, answered all of my questions and ultimately settled my case with the insurance company for the maximum benefit amounts. I highly recommend her!” -C.C.


“Janelle and the team at GLP [Attorneys] kept communication open throughout our whole process. Anytime we had questions they answered them promptly and made sure we understood any jargon. The team has tenacity and got the job done!” -L.P.


“After trying unsuccessfully for 3 years to settle an uninsured motorist claim with the insurance company, a co-worker of mine recommended Janelle. She became aware of her while serving on jury duty.

I was pleasantly surprised when Janelle agreed to meet with me, especially considering the amount of time that had lapsed since the accident occurred. We discussed the case in detail and when she agreed to handle my case, I was so excited and relieved. I knew she had my back.

From that point forward, Janelle and her staff worked diligently on my behalf. I am extremely impressed with Janelle’s knowledge of the law and with her work ethic. She has kept me informed every step along the way. If I have questions or concerns, I am able to e-mail or call her and promptly receive a response.

Janelle has been successful in obtaining maximum compensation for the injuries I suffered in the accident. I am so impressed and appreciative!

I strongly endorse and recommend Janelle Carney [Boston] as an attorney of choice. She is truly the consummate professional.” -Anonymous


“I was skeptical about going to a lawyer with my case, believing that I would come out behind financially or that it would create more problems. After talking with two other lawyers (who made the process clear as mud and did not give me direct answers), Janelle was a breath of fresh air. She made things very clear, and answered all my questions directly and clearly without beating around the bush. She was also very patient and always left the decisions to proceed up to me. I was SHOCKED when after only a few months she called to tell me that my case won and I would be getting far more than I hoped for. I was astounded! Janelle Carney [Boston] was excellent every step of the process and I would go to no one else from here on out.” -Anonymous


“I wish to start my review with a very positive notation. Janelle Carney [Boston] was an exceptional attorney and was so forth right in all of our communications. I have been involved with many different attorney’s as my profession involved the attorneys in almost all matters.

When one has Personal Injury as I did you truly need someone that goes to bat for you. The insurance company always tries to get out as inexpensive as possible so that their stockholders make money. If you need an attorney there is no one better than Janelle Carney [Boston] and her firm. They share the facts of the case on a regular basis to help you feel better and they carry your burden to the conclusion of your case.

I certainly recommend Janelle and her firm to everyone that has encountered any type of claim. They are terrific in getting you what you deserve for your loss of wages, pain and suffering and medical bills.

I highly recommend her as well as her firm to everyone that has experienced some type of loss.” -Anonymous


“It has been my honor and privilege to have worked with Janelle Carney [Boston], attorney with the law firm of Graham, Lundberg, & Peschel, PLLC, Inc..

In 2008, when my accident happened, I contacted seven other attorneys in Spokane that turned me away, and showed no interest in my case. Having been rejected so many times was one of the most difficult processes I have ever been through. Then I thought I finally found a reliable attorney. However, that attorney, held onto my case for two years after not having done a thing; then dropped my case. This unkind act left me with major disappointment with there being only one year left out of the “three-year statute of limitations.”

One day I received a telephone call letting me know that a young professional woman by the name of Janelle Carney [Boston], Attorney for Graham, Lundberg, & Peschel, PLLC, Law Firm, wanted me as their client. They asked to take my case. All of a sudden, there was an attorney who was able to see the larger picture of what happened to me, and what I endured physically and emotionally.

With the statute of limitations running out, Janelle Carney [Boston] and her staff wasted no time. Other professionals were hired, other resources were researched, and other contacts helped to assist in sorting out my complicated case.

Janelle Carney [Boston] and her firm provided me with the most impressive, positive, and professional experience. No stone had gone unturned.

Janelle Carney [Boston], Attorney, and the Graham, Lundberg, & Peschel, PLLC. Staff, went above and beyond, yielding a settlement of $250,000 for my case. Right won over wrong and the case was settled out of court.

My heart-felt and unrelenting thanks go to Janelle Carney [Boston], Attorney, and the staff with Graham, Lundberg, & Peschel PLLC, for her persistence, her attention to detail, professionalism, and her thoroughness in handling my case.

Janelle Carney [Boston], made the difference in my life, and yes, I believe in unforeseen angels. Need I say more?”


“Janelle did an excellent job. I have never used or needed a lawyer before and have always heard the stereotypical stories. Working with Janelle has been nothing but a wonderful experience for both my wife and I. From the time of my accident Janelle came to our home instead of my wife and I to out office. That was a big thing for us with small children and me being sore and banged up from my accident. I had always heard that it will take a long time to get things resolved, not the case with Janelle. She worked very hard and fast to handle our case an my wife and I were more than pleased with her commitment to us and getting things resolved. She was very professional, patient with us and an excellent listener to us as we shared our side and what we hope to get at the end if the day. My wife and I were very pleased with everything in our experience with Janelle. I can’t think of anything but positive feed back for Janelle and her team. I WILL recommend Janelle to any of my friends or co-workers in the future.” -Anonymous


“Janelle gets the job done. She doesn’t waste time, making you wait for answers. She gets right to the point and handles each situation with a professional, caring attitude. I was extremely pleased and satisfied with her work and would highly recommend her to anyone. She really took a great deal of stress off of me and handled my claim in a very timely manner. Whenever I needed to call her, I was always able to talk to someone, either herself or one of her capable helpers. I was very impressed with her expertise. I really can’t say anything negative about her or her work. She is an outstanding lawyer, and I hold her in high regard.” -Anonymous


Successful Cases:


$2,000,000 for the victim of a construction site fall who was paralyzed as a result.

$1,800,000 for the parents of a young 6 month old who tragically died in a motor vehicle collision.

$1,250,000 for the wrongful death of a young man in a catastrophic motor vehicle collision 

$1,100,000 settlement for an elderly woman who was assaulted while living in an assisted living facility.

$1,000,000 for the victim of a head on collision resulting in permanent hip and leg injuries.

$750,00 for the victim of a trucking collision who sustained a traumatic brain injury. 

$610,000.00 for the victim of a motor vehicle collision who sustained a permanent shoulder injury.

$575,000 result for man involved in T-Bone collision, who suffered severe back and neck injuries.

$575,000 for the victim of a rear end collision resulting in a total knee arthroplasty and neck injury.

$545,000 for the victim of a bicycle versus motor vehicle collision who sustained a traumatic brain injury.

$450,000 for the victim of a slip and fall incident who sustained a permanent shoulder injury.

$425,000 for the victim of a motorcycle collision who sustained multiple leg fractures as a result.

$400,000 policy limits settlement for man involved in motorcycle accident, who suffered severe shoulder and thumb injuries.

$300,000.00 for the victim of a bar assault who sustained a concussion

$250,000 result for woman involved in two separate slip-and-fall incidents, who sustained severe wrist injuries on both accounts.

$250,000 for the victim of a dog attack resulting in arm injuries. 

$162,500 result for woman who sustained two separate dog bite injuries while working as a pet groomer.

Policy limits settlement after a GLP client’s insurance agent misrepresented the amount of coverage and tried to settle the case for $8,000. Janelle took over representation of the client, and found that the client’s insurance agent claimed that there was only $30,000 in uninsured motorist coverage, when actually there was a total of $110,000. The case was later settled for the full $110,000.

Policy limits settlement for a 73 year-old mechanic from Wenatchee, who because of the injuries sustained in a car accident, was forced to close his business. The client had sustained a significant shoulder injury and had to undergo surgery.  He came to GLP frustrated as his insurance company refused to pay for his wage loss or his medical bills.  The insurance company fought every step of the way but ultimately paid the full policy limits available, including the PIP coverage as well as the full UIM coverage. 

Confidential settlement for the victim of a HIPAA violation. 

Past Results do not guarantee future outcomes.




Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living Magazine, Top Attorney of 2014
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Speaking Engagements:


WSAJ, Insurance Law Seminar Moderator, 2014

WSAJ, Insurance Law Seminar, Personal Injury Protection, 2015

NBI, Demand Letters That Get Results, 2017

WSAJ, Insurance Law Seminar, UIM Bad Faith: How to Defeat the Top Ten Defense Arguments, 2018

CLE on Traumatic Brain Injuries: How to prove a TBI, 2018

WSAJ, Insurance Law Seminar, Chair 2019




Rising Star, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021.

Top Women Attorneys, 2013 - Present

Spokane/Coeur d'Alene Top Lawyers 2014 to Present 

Highest rating by Avvo.com - 10.0

Top 100 National Trial Attorneys 

Member of Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and Member of Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

 Top 100 Registry, for Lawyers, 2020 

Avvo Clients' Choice Award, 2021