2017 Super Lawyers

Partner James Gooding received a 2017 Super Lawyer award

Partner James Gooding

As a Partner and Shareholder at GLP Attorneys, James has done amazing work for each of his clients. This is officially his 6th consecutive Super Lawyers award.

Partner Scott Lundberg recently received the 2017 Super Lawyers award

Partner Scott Lundberg

Since establishing GLP Attorneys, Scott has helped hundreds of clients. Scott’s great work was recognized again as he receives his 4th Super Lawyer award.

Partner John Webber officially received his 3rd consecutive super lawyers award

Partner John D. Webber

Partner and Shareholder John Webber has had another amazing year with GLP Attorneys as he continues to fight for each client. This will be his 3rd consecutive Super Lawyers award.

Partner Cydney Campbell has recently received her 10th Super Lawyer award out of the last 11 years

Partner Cydney Campbell Webster

On top of earning her 10th Super Lawyer award out of the last 11 years, Partner and Shareholder Cydney Webster has just completed her 25th year with GLP Attorneys.

2017 Rising Stars

Partner Janelle Carney received a 2017 Rising Star award

Partner Janelle Carney

Partner and Shareholder Janelle Carney has always pushed for each of her clients. Janelle has now earned 5 consecutive Rising Star awards.

Partner Alex French recently received the 2017 Rising Star award

Partner Alex French

Becoming a Partner last year, Alex French continues to push the boundaries for each case. This will be his 3rd consecutive Rising Star award.

Attorney Shaun Huppert officially received his 5th consecutive rising star award

Attorney Shaun Huppert

This will be Attorney Shaun I. Huppert’s 5th consecutive Rising Star awards. Shaun consistently strives for the best for each client.

Attorney Sara Maleki received a 2017 Rising Star award

Attorney Sara Maleki

Attorney Sara Maleki has received her first Rising Star award. Sara was among the 2.5% of attorneys deemed worthy of this award.

Attorney Kaitlin Roach recently received the 2017 Rising Star award

Attorney Kaitlin M. Roach

Attorney Kaitlin Roach has received her 2nd consecutive Rising Star award. Kaitlin has represented clients across Washington and always strives for the best.

Partner Heather D. Webb officially received the 2017 rising star award

Partner Heather D. Webb

Partner and Shareholder Heather D. Webb works in our Burlington office and loves helping her clients. This will be Heather’s 5th Rising Star award in a row.

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