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GLP Forces Safety Changes at Large Restaurant Chain

Mrs. A.J., a 63-year-old retired grandmother, was leaving a well-known franchise restaurant after a dinner out for Mother’s Day. When she walked out of the restaurant, she tripped on a sidewalk-mounted door stop and fell facedown onto the concrete. She sustained a severely broken nose that caused her nasal valve to collapse and needed surgery.

Mrs. A.J. just wanted to get better and to get on with her life. She contacted the restaurant and asked if they would just pay her medical bills. The restaurant refused to pay a dime. In fact, a corporate representative told Mrs. A.J. “we don’t do anything on these claims.”  Mrs. A.J was worried about her mounting bills and also about others who could be injured by the poorly-designed doorstop, so she called Graham Lundberg Peschel.

Attorneys at GLP filed a lawsuit and went to work. After multiple depositions, the regional manager for the restaurant finally admitted that a number of other customers had been injured by tripping on their floor-mounted door stops at their restaurants at over 100 locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. He then testified that the chain was now, because of Mrs. A.J.’s lawsuit, removing ALL such door stops and replacing them with modern, safer systems.

Mrs. A.J.’s lawsuit was settled soon thereafter.

If you suffer injuries for which someone else is responsible, or know someone who has, please contact the personal injury attorneys at Graham Lundberg Peschel for a free legal consultation.  You have rights, and you should have those rights explained to you and protected.

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