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Crane Cable Snaps Dropping Debris Throughout Seattle Construction Zone

Earlier this month, at a construction site near Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA, a crane cable snapped dropping debris throughout the construction zone and onto a passerby’s bicycle.  Amazingly, no one was hurt during the process, however, it was reported by a local union that the construction area hadContinued »


Aspen Plane Crash in 2014 Recently Blamed on Pilots’ Actions

On January 5, 2014, in Aspen, Colorado, a jet aircraft crashed while attempting to land killing one and injuring two.  The pilots had difficulty landing the plane because they were attempting to land at a high altitude with heavy tail winds.  Recently, it was discovered that the two pilots “hadContinued »


New Lawsuit Claims Wrongful Death in Soybean Explosion

A lawsuit was filed last Friday by the family of an employee who was killed in a Volga soybean plant explosion.  The suit alleges “that the company’s negligence and carelessness caused his death.”  The lawsuit claims that Randy Lee Satter, the 39 year old man, was given a “hot workContinued »


$3 Million Granted to Widow After Lawsuit Against Pharmaceutical Firm

On July 15, 2010, Stewart Dolin died after stepping in front of a train.  Stewart had been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and was prescribed paroxetine; GlaxoSmithKline, the maker of Paxil – a brand name version of paroxetine – did not warn their “doctor of the drug’s increased risk ofContinued »


Victim’s Son Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against the Driver of Pickup in Texas Killing 13

In March 2017, a pickup truck hit a church van head-on killing 13 of the van passengers.  The van was carrying elderly people coming from a church retreat; all but one passenger on the van died after the pickup veered into their lane.  People called 911 three times prior toContinued »


The Limits of Limited Liability with Maritime Accidents

A San Francisco Bay ferry collided with a speedboat in February 2013 killing the operator, an Oregon resident.  The ferry had roughly 500 passengers aboard when it crashed into the speedboat.  A second passenger on the motorboat, the owner of the vessel, was sent to the hospital with injuries.  “InContinued »


Deadly Drugs Misused in U.S. Nursing Facilities

Bobby Glenn Tweed, a 78-year-old diagnosed with dementia, was put in a nursing home in January of 2013.  Only ten months later, Tweed died because he was given psychotropic drugs without his family’s consent by the facilities.  Several nursing homes have been found to administer psychotropic drugs to residents andContinued »


Ex-San Diego Mayor’s Lawsuit After Wife Falls on Sidewalk and Ruptures Breast Implants

The former mayor of San Diego, Roger Hedgecock, and his wife have filed a lawsuit against the city after she fell while walking on a damaged sidewalk in 2015.  After the fall, the couple realized that the “damaged sidewalk…allegedly ruptured her silicone breast implants and eventually required replacement surgery.”  TheyContinued »


Widow Sues Adventureland Worker After Husband’s Death

An Adventureland worker died on the job last year while working on the park’s popular Raging River ride.  The worker’s wife has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against an employee of the park “claiming a failure to follow several protocols caused by her husband’s fatal injuries.”  Steve Booher, the 68-year-oldContinued »


Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Father and Son Killed in Mid-Air Plane Crash

A lawsuit has been filed after a father and son were killed while flying their Cessna.  Their family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the federal government after their loved ones died as a result of an Air Force jet cleaving their plane while flying.  The suit alleges “theContinued »