Do I have a case even if it is a small one?

The short answer is yes. But the law is not that simple, as you probably guessed. Many personal injury firms, like GLP Attorneys, handle big and small cases to help people who have been injured to be compensated for their losses. People come into our office frequently and are concerned that we will not take their case if it is not worth “big money”. The truth is that we are here to help, even if the case is “small” in value. The real question is whether hiring an attorney will be beneficial for YOU (the potential client)! 

If a potential client came into our office and we thought that we could not put them in a better financial position, then we would just provide them with guidance on how to present all of their damages (i.e. past medical bills, mileage to and from medical appointments, pain and suffering, etc.) to the insurance adjuster in the hopes that the adjuster will make them a fair offer without having to bear the costs of hiring an attorney. 

However, there are other situations where we would explain, based on the circumstances, that it is financially beneficial for them to hire us and in fact they may need to hire an attorney to ensure that they are fully compensated for their losses.

As is true with most things, there are always exceptions. Even if you are concerned that you have a “small case” that you think might not be worth an attorney’s time, it does not hurt to speak to at least one attorney about your case.  Personal injury attorneys usually operate on a contingency basis and offer phone and live consultations to discuss your case with you. They can help you determine what next step might be right for you. GLP Attorneys offers that to anyone who wants to speak to us about a potential case, big or small. We are always here to help! 

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